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Dr. Syed M. Taha

Pakistan in particular and world in general needs to build cohesive, competitive and tolerant multi-ethnic societies that fulfill the needs and aspirations of all. Extremism and racism in our contemporary world present potential threats to global peace and economic prosperity. Pakistan, having been the front line state against socialist Russia, unfortunately happened to be the main producer of extremism because of local regional and international policies. Its moderate majority is under dire threat by a thin minority of extremists. Another challenge in Pakistan, above all, is the crisis of leadership and good governance in the country. Successive governments

have failed to address the deep divides and disparities in a wide array of fronts – such as education, employment, health care, housing and infrastructure pointing towardsthe urgent need for better strategies and new policies to address systemic inadequacies. These divides and disparities are found not only in the economic sectors, but also in the social and cultural spheres. Anti-democratic social melieu is continuously strengthening the forces of status quo in the country which is seen in the continuation of family-owned political parties. After sixty two years, Pakistan has not yet come out of races, clans, tribes’ politics. Consequently, Pakistan’s cities have turned into slums, its economy is shattered, its human resources are aimless and its natural resources are underutilized. Underdevelopment and absence of effective education infrastructure breed poverty which is eventually manifested into extremism.

CPRID is sensitive to all such issues of Pakistan and accordingly designs its activities to provide strategies to these challenges. We offer research-based solutions, provide forum for interaction among academia, industry and government, and disseminate them through our publications and social media. Through an innovative mix of policy research, strategic communications and targeted outreach, the Centre's mission is to engage and educate the public and policy makers on best practice policies and successful change strategies that can ensure inclusive development in Pakistan.

CPRID is open to collaboration with those who match its mission and vision.  For this we are eager to establish links with academia, civil society, governments and private sectors and even individuals. I look forward for support and interaction for better Pakistan and better world.

Dr. Syed M. Taha
Director (consultant)

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